Got a vision?

Do you have a story in you but don’t know how to let it out? I’m here to help you realize your vision. Together we will work through your book. Like a midwife, I will hand your work back to you ready to submit or publish.

Got an issue?

There is a reason why so many preachers, teachers, and motivational speakers use stories to affect others. They work. Together we can create a story that exemplifies your issue, bringing a new perspective to your audience.

Got a business?

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on imprinted keychains or notebooks that will end up in the trash. A story will remind your customers of you every time they read the book. For example, a nutritionist might use a story about aliens to teach children about good eating habits. In addition, I can work with you to create stories around math, science and health issues that will make your books welcome in schools, adding to your promotional outreach. Together, we will create an original story that will introduce your business or service to families.

Never work with a ghost writer before?

Ghostwriting is a process as much as a product. After you contact me, we will discuss your vision and create a timeline for the finished product. Then I will go to work. I often contact my ghostwriting process as I go through the writing process to ensure that specifics are accurate and as close as possible to the story my client envisions. Then I present you with the first draft. After you read through it, I will ask you to note anyplace that doesn’t mesh with your idea. I will then take the work back and make any edits to the piece until you are satisfied.

What types of pieces do I write?

I will write anything, but I much of my experience revolves around children and family. A short list of my accomplishments are:

  • Picture books
  • Middle-grade novels
  • Chapter books
  • Easy reader/graded readers
  • Query letters
  • Web articles
  • Blog posts



Please contact me to discuss pricing.